i think i'm adorable

17 June 1986
I hate filling these things out.

I'm Christina, but mostly everybody calls me Tina, T, Teej, or any other nickname they can think of. There's not really much to say about me--I'm just a simple, quiet country girl from the South (West Virginia/Virginia) who loves writing, wrestling, and reading fanfiction. I also love music (almost all kinds except country), and making new friends. Don't hesitate to add me if you want to :)

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90s rock, a clockwork orange, aaa, abstract art, acid rock, alex shelley, alice cooper, alternate universe, ava gardner, ben and jerry's, black rebel motorcycle club, busch gardens, candy apples, carnivals, catcher in the rye, chris jericho, chris sabin, christian cage, chuck palahniuk, citrus, cm punk, cmll, comic books, counseling, cucumber melon, cyberpunk, daughtry, dc comics, disney, diy, dragon gate, dystopian fiction, edgar allen poe, edge, family, fanfiction, fashion, feminism, fozzy, friends, fuse, garage rock, glitter, good charlotte, gothic literature, grape crush, harry potter, hippie culture, hollister, horror punk, hot topic, icons, incense, ivory, j2, jane austen, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jesus and mary chain, johnny depp, joshi, journaling, kurt vonnegut, lady gaga, late night phone conversations, law and order: svu, lifehouse, linkin park, lita, lucha libre, marilyn monroe, marvel comics, michigan, milk, molly holly, monday night raw, motocross, motor city machine guns, music, myspace, orange crush, pac sun, peanut butter cookies, poetry, pop punk, post-punk, psychedelic rock, psychology, punk counterculture, punk fashion, punk literature, punk subculture, puroresu, pwg, reading, renaissance, riot grrrl, rita hayworth, rob zombie, rock of love, roh, roleplaying, salvador dali, scrapbooking, shimmer, shoegaze, sigur ros, simple plan, sixties counterculture, skateboarding, skillet, slash, smackdown, social distortion, social work, spanish language, sparkles, ssb, straight edge, sugar cookies, sugarcult, supernatual, tabloids, the (international) noise conspiracy, the boondock saints, the cure, the dark ages, the fold, the high crusade, the host, thrift stores, tna, tna knockouts, travel, trish stratus, twitter, vanilla body wash, victorian era, warped tour, west virginia, white chocolate, wrestling, writing, wwe, x-men, yahoo instant messenger, yogurt, youtube, zombie apocalypse